Below are a list of role playing games that I’ve published myself, and board games which I have not published at all but have designed, or co-designed with people. You can pick up copies of these games at the links below, or click on the images for a greater description and more detail!

Roleplaying Games

Critical Go Westerly

Funny Fantasy where you get to make your funny as you go.


A collaborative game where you play people trying to achieve their dreams and the Faeries that get in the way.

I’ve also worked on other games too! Even if I haven’t published them myself. For a full list, click on the button below.

Board and Card Games


It’s not a who-dunnit, you all did it. You all killed the old man. Now one of you is going down for the crime, just make sure it’s not you!

Cutthroat Caverns: Death Incarnate

An expansion to Cutthroat Caverns, Death Incarnate brings a whole host of your favourite encounters to the table. Not to mention a great series of relics!

Other Games

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