Below are a list of role playing games that I’ve published myself, and board games which I have not published at all but have designed, or co-designed with people. You can pick up copies of these games at the links below, or click on the images for a greater description and more detail!

Roleplaying Games

We Used to Be Friends

Teenage Detective Drama! A Collaborative RPG where you build your town, your characters, and the mysteries that bring them together.

Critical Go Westerly

Funny Fantasy where you get to make your funny as you go. Help yourself, help others, hurt others, and cheat your way into getting the gold!


A collaborative game where you play people trying to achieve their dreams and the Faeries that get in the way.

I’ve also worked on other RPGs too! Even if I haven’t published them myself. For a full list, click on the button below.

Board and Card Games


It’s not a who-dunnit, you all did it. You all killed the old man. Now one of you is going down for the crime, just make sure it’s not you!

Cutthroat Caverns: Death Incarnate

An expansion to Cutthroat Caverns, Death Incarnate brings a whole host of your favourite encounters to the table. Not to mention a great series of relics!

The cover of Behext. A young light browned skinned woman with air moving around her with floating runes.


A different deck building experience where you sacrifice a bit now to buy better spells to sling the Hex at your enemies immediately.

Other Games

The cover of the book with a haunted mantion and a couple of kids with flashlights walking up the steps.

Kids on Bikes: Strange Tales Vol. 2

Strange Adventures: Volume Two is a non-core book of adventure hooks and story guidelines for people exploring the world of Kids on Bikes.  It features 17 brand new towns to explore and 3 Adventure prompts that can be added to your existing game! The book even features rules for giving your kids bikes that impact their stats!

Published by Hunters Entertainment.

My adventure was the “Kids on Motorcycles” module.

The cover of the game Heavy Metal Thunder Mouse: Beyond Thunder City. It's a collage of mice riding bikes of different kinds from the four different adventure.

Heavy Metal Thunder Mouse: Beyond Thunder City 

Adventures that go beyond just the boundaries of the base game of Heavy Metal Thunder Mouse. You can play any of the following scenarios:

– Take a ride in the 50s with a Rock and Roll Sock Hop
– Fight against the Golden Hoard in the deeps of space
– Protect the Mice of the Wasteland
– Tear through the streets of a near Future Tokyo
– Help the poor and suffering on bicycles in a post war England

Published by Shoreless Skies Publishing

My setting is titled, “Call the Midmouse”

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