Critical: Go Westerly!

Written with Geoff Bottone the designer of Red Dragon Inn, Dungeon Adventure, and Boldly Go!

Can you go from being your regular, everyday pig farmer to the defender of the realm? In Critical!: Go Westerly you take on the role of adventurers doing adventurous things against giant adventurous creatures. Use your skills and convince your Bartender that you know how to handle any situation with your “Been Raising Pigs Forever” skill. Use your trusty walking stick to bash evil monsters over the head for their treasure. Describe the glorious training montage to improve yourself!

You can do whatever what you in Critical!: Go Westerly, as long as it’s funny.

Create skills with names like “Tankard Weight Lifting Champion” or “Gotta whole lotta lute” that help you, help others, hurt others, or cheat! Use the game’s simple 2d6 mechanic where you start at 7, build up the target number based on difficult something is and subtract how good your character is to get the target. Roll those dice, get higher you succeed, lower you fail but getting the target number exactly nets you a CRITICAL! which is one very very good thing, and one very very bad thing.

Unless you bribe your bartender to give you two really, really good things!


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