Geasa is a game of people trying to achieve their dreams and the Faeries that get in their way. It’s a shared storytelling experience where you will play a host of characters, but focus on your person and your faery. Each one of those characters has their own goals, which will sometimes come into conflict as each one wants to come out on top. The locations are limitless. You can play in a fantasy setting with Queens, Wars and Lovers or in the vastness of space on a space station floating towards oblivion.

Geasa is heavy on inter character conflict and a dice bidding system that will be made available through creative commons licensing. Check out Geasa now at Drivethrurpg for the PDF and at IPR for the PDF and to order the book!

If you’ve got a project that you’re working on with Geasa, which uses a CC-BY-SA Creative Commons License, let us know and we’ll put a link on here.

Extra Settings!

Independant Wrestling Circuit