Critical!: Go Westerly


Critical!: Go Westerly is a funny fantasy romp where you and your friends will Help Themselves, Help Each Other, Hurt Other and Cheat their way to victory through fields of monsters, and unhelpful allies. Set in the Kingdom of Westerly, Critical!: Go Westerly deals with sword swinging chefs, hardened bards, a mysterious forest and a mountain range where the monsters are all organized by height.

Want to be the Pig Farmer that turns into a national hero? Then use your skills of Pig Herding, Have you ever lifted a sow? and Handy with that pitchfork to foil the plots of Numkiss the evil Necromancer who has taken over a part of the city of Swampgate!

Critical!: Go Westerly let you take what you think is funny and play.

Critical!: Go Westerly is available at…
Drivethru RPG
Indie Press Revolution