Your parents had dreams about the future, they just didn’t include you. CyberGeneration is the only game that takes the cyberpunk genre and turns it on its ear as you play kids who have grown up around the violence and waste that was the Cyberpunk Movement. You’re now growing up with even more corporate control as the top 26 Corporations have formed the Council for Economic Prosperity which is the executive branch of the US government. What’s worse is that a virulent plague known as the ‘Carbon Plague’ has sprung up out of nowhere and killed a lot of people…

…except you, you think you survived it. Now the government wants to know why, and how you managed to survive and is more than willing to hunt you down and tear your fragile life apart to find out. Will you survive to become the next generation, or will you end up in the scrap heap.

Mile High Dragon

Move over Night City, Firestorm Ink brings you Mile High Dragon, a new location in which you can live, laugh and fight for your right to survive. Inside you’ll hear various stories from the 22nd Truth Batallion who have done their best to bring you the latest insight with what’s happening in Denver. From dealing with the various yogangs that are around town, to the Clarker Groups that are running about, and the Denver Police Department all while under the shadow of Arasaka’s new Arcology found within the Denver Tech Center. With a new Yogang type, Buskers, and a lot of information you can move your adventure to a fresh location. As J.B. Jr from the 22nd would say, “More on this, if we return.”

Generation Gap

Generation Gap has tons of tips and tricks on running a campaign. From family and friends, to those crazy ‘Punkers, it shows you how to incoporate them into the Revolution. So don’t embarrass yourself playing CyberGeneration, go out and get Generation Gap today.



Researching Medicine

The first book that Firestorm Ink put out, with information on MedTechs in CyberGeneration as well as a new yogang, MASHers, and a new evolved type, The Medic.  Including a whole new adventure!

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